Retired F1 champ Nico Rosberg: ‚More to life than driving in circles‘ | Autoweek

With F1 focusing increasingly on finding new ways to save fuel, it’s hardly surprising that Rosberg is showing an interest in renewable energy sources, explaining that a recent trip in a Tesla sparked his interest.

„Renewable energy could be quite interesting, there are so many things and opportunities — electric cars, for example. I had a Tesla as a taxi the other day in Switzerland, so it’s quite impressive we have come that far.“

During his championship year, Rosberg studied philosophy in a bid to win the mental battle between himself and teammate Lewis Hamilton — something that helped him to understand and strengthen his control over his emotions.

„I think every person has to go about it in his own way, and I have definitely struggled with that at times but managed to find my way with it,“ Rosberg said. „I’ve studied philosophy for 10 years, and that has been a huge benefit because every little issue, suffering or doubt you have, there has been someone in the past who has had exactly that same thing — and there’s been a genius in the past who has had exactly that same thing and has been able to write it down to make it really understandable.

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