Arron Banks – Wikipedia

In October 2014 Banks donated £1 million to the UK Independence Party[28] and has since raised $11 million for the party. He has also funded $5 million into Leave.EU, and has been seen as the financial backer of the Brexit campaign.[29]

Labour MP Michael Dugher said that Banks‘ defection showed that „David Cameron is haemorrhaging support and his authority is ebbing away. He can’t control his party, who clearly have no confidence in his leadership. And once again we see that UKIP are reliant on Tory money as well as Tory policy and Tory politicians, putting paid to the idea that they stand up for working people.“[30][31] Conservative MP William Hague called Banks „somebody we haven’t heard of“ following his defection to UKIP: In response, Banks increased his donation from £100,000 to £1 million, saying: „I woke up this morning intending to give £100,000 to UKIP – then I heard Mr Hague’s comment about me being a Mr Nobody. So in light of that I have decided to give £1 million.“[22] This donation was one of the largest sums of money ever received by UKIP.[32]

Banks threatened Douglas Carswell with deselection in September 2015 when it emerged that Carswell supported Vote Leave, as opposed to the Leave.EU campaign funded by Banks,[33] describing Carswell as „borderline autistic with mental illness wrapped in“, according to The Huffington Post.[34]

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